April Newsletter 3-5


Grade 3 - We are wrapping up unit five and our work with word problems!  Next up, in unit six, we will be exploring polygons, perimeter and area. We will be working with a lot of vocabulary in this unit including reviewing shape names, angles, concave and convex.  Comparing shape properties will be a large part of this unit.

Grade 4 - We will be working on unit seven during the month of April.  In this unit, we will continue to work on fractions.  Students will compare fractions with unlike denominators and learn about equivalent fractions. We will also learn how fractions and decimals are related.

Grade 5-We recently completed the lessons and assessments focused on word problems.  Unit seven rolls in with algebra concepts, patterns and coordinate graphs.  This is a fairly quick unit with only seven lessons.  Our first three lessons will be on algebraic thinking including writing, reading and evaluating algebraic expressions. We will then move into the patterns and coordinate graph concepts.   

We continue to work on nonfiction skills during our reading minilessons.  Students will learn about text structure (compare/contrast, problem/solution, chronological order, and cause/effect).  We will share mentor texts with them to model how authors use these strategies to make their writing easier to understand.

In addition to the whole group lessons, students will continue to participate in small group book clubs designed to fit their reading needs.

Students are continuing to work on their informational writing.  They have their drafts done.  We are working on adding text features to our writing.  Students are enjoying adding in glossaries, headings, pictures, captions, and maps.  We are excited to publish our writing using the blank hardcover books.  We hope to have our books completed and ready to present on our gallery night!

Science/Social Studies (Project Based Learning)
Students are continuing to learn about Wisconsin history.  We just wrapped up our government unit and are excited to visit the Capitol.  Next, students are working on a group project to share during our gallery night on April 21. Each group will pick an attraction to research.  After they have researched, they will create a trifold to display information about their attraction.  They will also create a commercial using a green screen app on the iPad.

3-5Nicole Ebert