April 4th-8th

Math-Kindergarten is working on fact practice on addition and subtraction. First grade is working on measuring using units (paper clips, cubes, etc). Second grade is working on graphing and learning about bar graphs and picture graphs. We will have a review test for the unit at the end of the week. 

Literacy- Next week we will be learning about fairy tales (what is a fairy tale, fairy tale features,  problem and solution. Our guided reading groups will be reading fairy tales as well. If you have any fairy tales at home that you'd be willing to send to school for the week, that would be great! Please make sure your name is on the book!

Projects: We're continuing to work on the Animals and Adaptations unit for PLTW (project lead the way). The students have been researching animals and what adaptations they need to survive in the environments. 


K-2cassandra stahl