Week of 2/8-2/12

Math- Kindergarten is working on harder addition facts and making a teen counting book. Begin working on memorizing basic facts though 10 at home. 1st grade is working on collecting and graphing data, as well as comparing the data using words such as fewer, more, greater than, less than.  2nd grade is working on subtracting two digit numbers from numbers with 0 in the ones and tens place. We will also be reviewing ungrouping from 100 and 200. 

Literacy- Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd will be focusing non fiction and comparing and contrasting it with fiction. 

Projects- We'll be working on map skills (learning about the continents and oceans) using maps, globes, and Google Earth. 

Upcoming Events:

  • 9th- making valentine's day boxes. The class list will be sent home today. Don't feel obligated to send in Valentine's. We have 41 students. 
  • 12th- Valentine's Day party. 2nd graders will be bringing in treats for the party. 



January 22, 2016

Week of 1/25-1/29

cassandra stahl 


Math- Kindergarten is working on attributes of three dimensional shapes, and addition and subtraction drawing. 1st grade is working on counting and writing numbers to 120, and adding and subtracting tens from two digit numbers. 2nd grade is ungrouping two digit numbers using the expanded method, and subtracting two digit numbers from 200. 

Literacy- Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd will be focusing on poetry (rhyming and alliteration)and also beginning to write poetry. Guided reading groups will be focusing on poems as well. 1st and 2nd grade will be retested on reading levels next month. Our new sight words were: play, where, have. 

Projects- We will be starting a unit on citizenship next week. (what makes a good citizen, what are rules and law and why do we have them, what does the pledge of allegiance mean).

Upcoming Events:

  • The classroom is in need of sanitizing wipes and gallon size ziploc bags. . We'd appreciate if anyone could send a box or container in. 
  • Dentist Dr. Conner is coming in next week to speak about the importance of taking care of our teeth. 
K-2cassandra stahl