3-5 Week Update 12/9/1206

What's the Weather?
What's the weather like in our area?  As your kiddo in the 3-5 cohort.  We have been learning about the water cycle, atmosphere layers and predicting the weather.   Students have been participating in weather related activities that include: researching weather instruments, creating their own weather instruments(thanks for the donations of supplies!), creating flipbooks of the atmospheric layers and watching weather forecasts every day. 

We are so excited for our virtual field experience next week Thursday!   We will be learning about weather from an expert, a meteorologist!


We were so excited to reach 200 classroom points!  Students earn one point for each Bee Slip they earn and for a 3 in specials classes.  If students earn a 4 in special, our class earns 3 points!  Earning 200 points is quite the accomplishment.  We voted on a celebration and the students decided on a pajama and stuffed animal day.  Nice job everyone!

Angie Petersen