Week of December 5-9th

Math- Kindergarten will be working on addition and subtraction story problems. First grade will be working on double addition facts and fact families. Second grade will be identifying properties of 2D and 3D shapes (how many faces, angles, and sides a shape has).  

Literacy- Mrs. Stahl's group will be introduced to three new sight words: red, boy, and girl. Next week we will be working on comparing and contrasting the characters, setting, problem, and solutions in seasonal stories.  We will also be writing letters to Santa.  Those letters will be in submitted to the Kewaskum Statesman and will show up the upcoming edition.

Projects: We started a new unit in Social Studies that is focused on maps and globes. This past week we compared and contrasted maps and globes.  We also learned about cardinal directions, map symbols, and map keys.  Next week we will be learning about oceans and continents.  We will be completing a map that breaks down where we live in comparison to the world.

Upcoming Events:

12/8- i4Learning 5k-5th grade Christmas Concert 2:00 & 6:30pm. Students should report to their classroom at 6pm.

12/6-12/10- i4Learning Book Fair

12/10- i4Learning Cookie Sale

We will also be sending out a sign up genuis for items needed for our k-2 holiday party (12/23)

Have a great weekend,

K-2 Team

K-2cassandra stahl