3-5 Virtual Weather Field Experience!

We were so excited to participate in our virtual weather field experience today!

Our experts were from the National Weather Service in Missouri.  They spent a lot of their time with us talking about weather instruments, weather forecasting and historical weather events.  They also had a question and answer session for us after the live broadcast.  Our students came up with some amazing, thoughtful questions.  For each question, the weather experts had impressive, easy to understand responses.  We are so thankful for their time today!  We would also like to thank Mr. Dziedzic and Mr. Staffin for their time and support in getting our technology set up for today.  What an amazing experience for our kids.

Questions that our students generated and asked during included:

  • Sophia: What's your favorite weather instrument?
  • Dan Z: What are petaflops? (A word he came upon when completing his research on weather vanes.)
  • Karter: How do you know where to point when you are presenting on the green screen?
  • Gavin: How long did you go to school for?
  • Ally: How many people are part of your production team to forecast the weather?
  • Riley: What was the worst storm in history?
  • Zachary: Do radars need to be enclosed?
  • Sammie: Where do you get all of the weather instruments that you use?
  • Calla: How long does it take you to predict the weather?
  • Eliza: How fast can the wind speeds get in a hurricane or tornado?


3-5Angie Petersen