Math Games for Homework

You have probably noticed your child bringing home math games for homework this school year. During our math workshop time, students have a mini lesson and rotate through stations (small group with a teacher, game station, technology, and individual work time). Students have been having a great time playing the math games to reinforce the skills we are learning in class. It is expected that students are playing the games at home with a parent or older sibling. They are given a due date that they should be writing in their assignment notebook. Please sign their assignment notebook indicating when you have played the games. This will show us their homework is complete for the day.

Here are some materials you may need at home to play the games; pencils, paper, dice, and a deck of cards. Some games ask for 12 sided dice. These can be purchased on Amazon or you can just shake 4 dice and use the sum of two dice. 

Mrs. Petersen's groups are bringing home a half sheet each day they meet with their small group. Please look for this and review it with your child before sending it back the next day.

3-5Nicole Ebert