Week of 11/7-11/11

Math- Kindergarten will be continuing to work on patterns and identifying and drawing shapes. First grade is working on subtraction story problems and creating their own story problems. Second grade will be talking about different methods to add large numbers together. We will be focusing on the totals method. We will also be talking about adding sums over 100. 

Literacy- Mrs. Stahl's group will be introduced to three new sight words: at, all, are. K-2 mini lessons and small groups will focus on text features in nonfiction books. Mrs. Wheiland and Mrs. Radmer's groups will be starting the second round of F & P reading level testing. 

Projects: Next week for science/ social studies, we will be learning about voting and writing thank you notes to veterans. Kindergarten will be learning about sink and float. For gallery night, students will be presenting properties of matter experiments. We will be sending out a sign up genius for the items we will be needing. Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Upcoming Events:

11/5- PTO PIzza Sale (pick up between 9am-2pm)

11/17- Gallery Night (6-7:30pm)

Have a great weekend,

K-2 Team

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