Showcase Night Thursday, November 17

Showcase Night is Thursday, November 17. Students need to be in the room by 5:45. They will begin presenting at 6:00. You can view below what the students will be sharing that night.

Students in grades 3-5 researched different regions of the United States. They learned about states in the region, climate, landforms, destinations, and historical events. They used this information to create a brochure and commercial to try to attract visitors to their region. They will be set up in our room, the art room, and Mrs. Foerster’s room to share their work.

Students also completed the Project Lead the Way Module Stability and Motion: Forces and Interactions. In this module, students explored simple machines such as wheel and axles, levers, the inclined plane, and more. They investigated the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object. Students then applied their knowledge of forces and devised a way to rescue a heavy zoo animal while keeping it safe throughout the process. You can view their compound machines and videos of the tiger rescue in the computer lab.

During our writing time, we have been busy working on personal narratives. You will find books in the computer lab where you can view their writing.


3-5Nicole Ebert