January News 3-5 Cohort

Math Grade 3 (Petersen & Foerster) - The third graders are working with many forms of measurement.  So far, they have conquered units of liquid volume and are currently working on telling time and elapsed time.  We will move into graphs towards the middle of the month.


Math Grade 4 (Ebert)-  We are currently working on the fourth unit in math.  In this unit, students will simplify expressions and solve equations.  We will also learn about multiples, prime & composite numbers, and generating a number or shape pattern that follows a given rule.


Math Grade 5 Math (Petersen)-Unit four focuses on multiplication and solving real world problems.  Although we teach several ways to solve multiplication to help students understand why we do what we do when we multiply, students are told that they should pick the one strategy that works for them and use it.  Multiplying with decimals is also included in this unit.



We will work on theme during the month of January.  This was on our previous newsletter, but we didn’t get to it due to Fountas and Pinnell testing. Theme is the underlying message or big idea of a story. Please check with your child to learn more about the book they are reading during our literature discussion groups.



Mrs. Petersen’s writing group has been and will continue to work on persuasive pieces.  Students have been working on writing personal opinions that they will then transform into persuasive pieces.  Mrs. Ebert and Mrs. Foerster’s writing groups are working on opinion writing.  They have been writing letters to share their opinions of books they have read.  In their letters, they have been sharing about their favorite parts and character traits.  We are focusing on using evidence from the text to support our opinions.


Science/Social Studies (Project Based Learning)

Students are learning about forms of energy (light, sound, mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical) during science.  We are working on nonfiction reading standards as we learn this material.  Students are learning how to take notes, summarize text, and find the main idea/detail in nonfiction text.  


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