January 11-15th

Math- Kindergarten is working on addition and subtraction story problems. We will also be doing some sorting activities. 1st grade is working on unknown partners (in addition and subtraction problems) with teen numbers.  2nd grade is estimating and showing data on a line plot. They will have a test on Thursday for this unit.  

Literacy- Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd will be continuing to work on main idea and details of a story. We will read stories together and determine the main idea and detail. You can help at home by doing this with books you're reading. Mrs. Stahl's groups new sight words were: had, did, get. 

Projects- The students have now successfully created a letter matching game on the scratch jr app for Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Next we will be creating an animal habitat animation program. Yesterday the K-2 students got to share their program with the 4k students. Next week, they will be sharing them with 3-5 cohort. You can download the scratch jr app on your device at home!

Upcoming Events:

  • The students were very excited about pj day!! Watch for pictures. 
  • The classroom is in need of sanitizing wipes. We'd appreciate if anyone could send a container in. 
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