February Newsletter 3-5 Cohort

February Newsletter

Grade 3 - Students are beginning a unit focused on multi digit Addition and Subtraction.  We will also be spending quite a bit of time on place value.  We will explore several different methods of adding and subtracting.  Please keep in mind that although several methods are taught, students are asked to pick the method they find most useful and efficient.

Grade 4 - Students are beginning a measurement unit.  Students will learn about customary and metric units of length, mass, and liquid volume. We will also work on area and perimeter.

Grade 5-Division is the theme of the current unit for 5th grade.  Students will be working on methods to divide whole numbers and decimal numbers.  

We will work on nonfiction skills during our reading mini lessons.  Students will learn about text structure (compare/contrast, problem/solution, chronological order, and cause/effect).  We will share mentor texts with them to model how authors use these strategies to make their writing easier to understand.

In addition to the whole group lessons, students will continue to participate in small group book clubs designed to fit their reading needs.

Our next writing unit is informational writing.  In this unit, students will pick a topic they feel they are experts in.  During their writing, they will work to arrange their writing into chapters.  They will also learn research skills along the way that they will be able to transfer into their project time.

Science/Social Studies (Project Based Learning)
Students are learning about Native Americans and early Europeans that arrived in Wisconsin.  They learned how the early Native Americans lived and compared how their food, shelter, and tools changed over time.  Next, we will learn more about the fur trade.  Students will learn about items that we were traded and why they traded.  We will have a presenter come in from the Washington County Historical Society to share artifacts and teach more about the fur trade.  We will end the unit with a reenactment of the fur trade.

We are also planning a health activity for later in the month where we will work with the K-2 cohort to go along with Heart Healthy Month.  There will be more information coming home about this project soon.


3-5Nicole Ebert