A new student started in our classroom on Monday! His name is Keirran. The students did a great job making him feel welcome and teaching him our class rules and routines. Mrs. Rachel (our former practicum student) brought in her baby, Alexander, for a visit. The kids were so excited to see her again. In gym Thursday, I taught the class how to play t-ball. They caught on really quickly and seemed to enjoy it. We'll play again next week!. 

We've started working on spelling and writing last names this week. We also are working on a class book called, "The Snowman's Adventure" that works on positional words. 

The kids were happy to finally get out for recess on Wednesday. They have been doing a great job getting themselves dressed to go outside. Thanks for remembering to send their cold weather snow gear. We have recess Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Stahl

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