Schoolmall Fundraiser Kick-off

This year we will be participating in the schoolmall fundraising program.  Students will be bringing home booklets today.  We did a short 8 minute overview of the fundraising program today.  For each booklet that students return our school will receive $2.25.  We can also earn cash back from purchases made through the schoolmall website.  The program is voluntary and students do not have to participate.  There are a few prizes students can win for returning the booklets and when someone from their booklet places an order.  I spoke with the principal at Erin School District to learn more about the program and he indicated they have been doing it for a number of years and it's been an easy program to run and they've never had any issues with parents/families receiving unwanted solicitation from providing their information.

For more information on the program visit:

Rachel Maas