Food Service Update

As many of you know, we've been working through some changes in how we provide lunch service at i4Learning.  We have been preparing our food in town and delivering to i4Learning ready to be served.  Additionally, we have been serving a bagged lunch on Fridays.  These are both practices that we piloted last year and it worked quite well.  As we continued to monitor and discuss this change, we always kept in mind the high expectation we have for the level of service we provide our students. After further discussion as a team we feel that, while this might be more efficient practice, the overall service provided does not meet the high expectation we have set for ourselves. Consequently, we will revert to providing services similar to last year which means having a food service staff member at i4Learning preparing and serving the lunches.

Please know that we will continue to look for efficiencies while providing the best service to our students and community.  We do have mandates and a set of rules we must abide by on what and how much we can provide to our students.  Our ultimate goal continues to be to provide a healthy and nutritious meal option to our students every day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Please click here for an updated menu.

Rachel Maas