Nov 30th-Dec 3rd

We started our Christmas projects this week! We have so many fun things to make. We also started practicing for our Christmas Program :) There are a lot of important dates in December. For next week:

The PTO Book Fair will take place at our school next week. 

Trimester 1 report cards will be available Monday on Skyward. 

Book orders are due Monday December 7th.

Gingerbread house money ($3) is due on Thursday, December 10th.

K-5th grade Christmas Concert is next Thursday, December 10th at 2:00pm & 6:30pm. (4K concert is on the 17th).The book fair will be open during those times. Feel free to come! 

shape pattern wreath.


sorting and graphing m&m's


playing with "snow" in the sensory table. It's white rice and glitter. Students dig for the ornaments. 

4Kcassandra stahl