Math- Kindergarten is working on beginning addition 0-6, and adding into the teens. 1st grade is working on place value of tens and ones. 2nd grade is working on measurement and shapes. 

Literacy- Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd will be focusing on sentence structure (capital/ lowercase letters, spacing, punctuation, and run on sentences.  Mrs. Stahl's groups new sight words were: red, boy, girl.  

Projects- We have now begun a science based project curriculum called Project Lead the Way. Our first unit was on Animals and Algorithms. This involved mazes, technology, and problem solving skills. This will take us through Christmas. 

Upcoming Events:

  • 12/10- K-5th grade Christmas Concert at 2:00pm & 6:30pm (students should arrive for the night program at 6:15pm) If you plan to take your child home with you after the 2:00 program, please sign your child out in his/her classroom. Kindergartners will be in Mrs. Stahl's room. 
  • i4L Giving Tree- We are asking for donations of new toys for children ages birth-18. Toys will be collected until Friday Dec 11st. Please drop the unwrapped gifts off in the office. 
  • Boots and snow pants are required for recess if there is snow on the ground. If there is no snow, boots/ snow pants requirement will be determined based on the amount of mud on the playground. We'd suggest you send them both, just in case. 
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