November Newsletter Grades 3-5

Grade 3 - Reviewing multiplication facts is a large portion of unit 2.  In addition to review, students are asked to apply their facts in various ways.  Story or word problems are very common in our daily practice.  Please continue to practice math facts nightly.

Grade 4 - Students are finishing up unit two (multiplying up to a four-digit number by a one-digit number and multiplying a two-digit by two-digit number). Unit three will be division with whole numbers. Students will learn to divide numbers with up to four digits by a one-digit number.

Grade 5-We have wrapped up unit 2, which focused on adding and subtracting decimals.  We hop back into fractions in unit 3 with a focus on multiplication and division.  Many students find this unit to be less challenging than the first unit!

Our class is working on inferencing during our whole group mini-lessons.   Authors don’t always come right out and tell you what is happening.  Readers need to use their background knowledge and clues from the text to make an educated guess about what the author is trying to share. Next, we will work on theme.  Theme is the underlying message or big idea of a story. Please check with your child to learn more about the book they are reading during our literature discussion groups.

Mrs. Petersen’s writing group is wrapping up their first realistic fiction pieces.  They will be sharing these pieces with Mrs. Ebert and Mrs. Foerster’s writing group as well as the K-2 cohort and guests at conferences.  Mrs. Ebert and Mrs. Foerster’s writing groups are continuing their work on writing small-moment narratives.  

Science/Social Studies (Project Based Learning)
We are excited to share our animal adaptation projects with parents on our first showcase night on November 17. All students are expected to be at school from 5:30-6:30 that evening to share their project with parents and other community members.  Next, we will be learning about glaciers and how they affected Wisconsin’s landscape.  This will coincide with our field trip to Riveredge Nature Center on November 12.


3-5Nicole Ebert