Week of 9/12-9/16

Math- Kindergarten and 1st grade is working on beginning subtraction and subtraction story problems. 2nd grade is working on two step word problems and mixed word problems. Be sure that 1st and 2nd grade math homework is turned in by Monday each week.  Continue to turn in homework on Mondays.  SUMDOG.COM- this is a new math app we've been using. Log ins are first name, password abc, school code: wp5. Students are encouraged to work on this at home. Many students are still being tested by the program to find their level, so please don't help out with this. After they complete 200 questions, the students will be completing activities at their level. 

Literacy- Kindergarten PALS assessment will start Oct. 12th and run through the following week.  Please have your child read the book in their book bag to you each night and return it each morning. Remember to sign the log and write down the book they read. 1st and 2nd grade will be focusing on summarizing and story maps to help with comprehension. Mrs. Stahl's guided reading groups have been working on concepts of print. I'm impressed with how quickly the students are picking up on identifying sight words and recognizing patterns within their stories. Our new words for the week were: some, in, all. 

Projects- Thanks to everyone that helped with the field trips. The kids learned a lot at each business and had a great time! We made thank you cards this week. Next week, the kids will be sketching a map of the business they researched on the I-pad and then creating a map with their group. 

Upcoming Events-

  • If you did not sign up for conferences for Nov. 5th or 12th at Open House, please do so by calling the office. There are limited time slots left. If run into conflict with times, please contact a teacher. There are still 15 students that need to be signed up! 
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