Week of 10/6-10/9

Thank you to our Community Guests who allowed our students to interview them.

Thank you to our Community Guests who allowed our students to interview them.

Math- Kindergarten is continuing to work on writing and counting numbers 0-10.  The unit one test will be Thursday. You can practice writing these numbers at home. 1st grade is working on addition strategies, such as counting on. 2nd grade is working on comparing work problems and working with mixed word problems.  Be sure that 1st and 2nd grade math homework is turned in by Monday each week.  Kindergarten homework has now started. Kindergarten homework will be due on Mondays as well.

Literacy- Kindergarten PALS assessment will start Oct. 12th.  Please have your child read the book in their book bag to you each night and return it each morning. K-2 will be focusing on setting in our stories next week. Practice this at home by having them identify the setting in the books they read at home. Mrs. Stahl's guided reading groups have been going well. I'm impressed with how quickly the students are picking up on identifying sight words and recognizing patterns within their stories. Our new words for the week were: like, my, do. 

Projects- The kids did a great job interviewing the community workers that came into our school Tuesday. This week Tuesday, we will be taking our field trip to the businesses in the community that the kids chose to research. We will also be having the kids share out about the field trip and making thank you cards. 

Upcoming Events-

  • Oct. 5th - NO SCHOOL
  • There is no phone hooked up in the K-2 room. Please email one of the three of us instead. Thanks!
  • Thank you for sending in the ziploc bags!
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