3-5 Assignment Notebooks and At-Home Reading

Assignment Notebooks
We have noticed quite a few kids that have had some difficulty filling out their assignment notebooks at the end of the day.  To help with that, we have changed things up a bit.  Instead of filling our assignment notebooks at the end of the day, students are filling them out at the end of each subject before they transition to the next activity.  So, if there is homework in math, at the very end of our math time each student fills out their assignment notebook and puts their homework in their take-home folder before heading to lunch.  Our hope is that by filling out  assignments throughout the day, students will not feel as rushed and will have more accurate information in their notebooks.

Please continue to sign the assignment notebook each night.  It is an indicator to us that you have read the assignments and any other important information that was listed in the notebook.  

Reading At-Home

It is incredibly important that students read at home.  Not only do they get more independent practice, but it also reinforces the idea that reading is not a just-at-school activity.  Students in the 3-5 cohort are asked to read 100 minutes over the course of a week.  We haven't been super diligent on checking to make sure the 100 minutes have been read, but beginning next week we will be checking every Monday.  For an idea of what tracking the 100 minutes might looks like, please see the picture below.

The 100 minutes do need to take place outside of school, but could be any material-newspapers, magazines, book club homework, picture books, etc.

At-Home Reading tracked in the "Weekly Notes" section of the assignment notebook.

At-Home Reading tracked in the "Weekly Notes" section of the assignment notebook.

THANK YOU!  The effort and attitude parents have towards school and learning at home is often reflected in their child's attitude and effort in the classroom.  We appreciate all that you do to support learning at home and at school.