Reading Workshop 3-5 Cohort

Do you ever wonder how our reading time works with 46 students and three grade levels?  

Each day we start out with a whole group mini lesson on the carpet.  This is where we teach about the skill we want students to focus on during their small group time.  We are currently working on reviewing parts of a story map (characters, setting, problem, events, and solution) and putting that all together to write a summary.  Our mini lesson usually takes ten to fifteen minutes.

Next, we break out into our small groups.  Each student is in a group based upon their reading level.  When in small groups, students are working at one of three stations-teacher, technology (RazKids) and read to self.  When we have parent volunteers in the room, we usually ask them to read with kids that are reading to self.  

In the teacher small group, students work with a teacher on either skills within a short text or working in a book club.  When students meet with the teacher in book club, we discuss the book and assign a section of the book  to read and a prompt to respond to in their reading notebook to be done by the next meeting. 

Students are given time in class to work on their book clubs, but if they read at home, it can count towards their 100 minutes per week goal. 

At the end of our reading time, students are given time to share what they are reading.

3-5Nicole Ebert