The i4Learning Education Model was inspired by a TED Talk given by Sir Ken Robinson titled, "Bring on the Learning Revolution." He states, "Human flourishing is not a mechanical process, it is an organic process. You cannot predict the outcome of human development, all you can do - like a farmer - is create the conditions under which they will begin to flourish."  This is a fitting description of the educational model the teachers and staff will be working to create in rural Wayne, Wisconsin.

  • Individualized- students are able to pursue their personal interest related to the different projects they complete. Each student's learning experience is personalized through the use of different technology resources that adapt to meet the students skill level. Teachers utilize flexible groups to meet the students where they are at and grow their learning.
  • Innovative- to be a charter school, you need to ask yourself, "What makes us different from the traditional model of education?" At i4L the main idea is that learning happens on a continuum and is happening at all times.  There are great learning experiences that happen outside the walls of the school and the learning that happens within the school should not be solely determined by your birth date. Multi-age learning allows students to grow their learning no matter when/where their starting place may be. Badge learning will be a new way of showcasing new learning as opposed to grades.
  • Integrated- project-based learning allows teachers and students to gain knowledge and skills through investigation of and response to complex questions, problems or challenges. With a goal of applying the concepts taught, students won't be asking, "When will I need to know this?" 
  • Intrinsically Inspired- When students have a say in the direction of their learning they will be motivated to challenge themselves. To love learning one must develop a growth mindset and know that each new challenge brings a new opportunity for growth.